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DONALD TRUMP put our town on page one of the NY Times, claiming it’s one city to watch for alleged voter fraud. But 25 years ago, St. Louis was in the national news for similar allegations made by local political scientist Ken Warren. The prof couldn’t believe that a slate of black and white school board hopefuls, called the 4 Candidates 4 Kids, rolled up huge margins in some north city wards. Some called Warren’s claims racist because the other slate, headed by Tom Bugel, had strong and clear ties to arch-conservative “white rights” groups. (Our town owes a debt of gratitude to campaigners Ed Finkelstein, Myrtle Bailey, Rod Wright, Karen Isbell and Jim Roberts for helping to elect moderates Eddie Davis, Paula Smith, Robbyn Stewart and William Purdy. The opponents were Ruth Stone, Carol Wilson, William Macke and Gordon Schweitzer, all south siders.)

AMERICANS FOR PROSPERITY has targeted eight Dems on health care in a $1 million digital ad campaign called “Flood of Lies,” linking Dem Senate candidates with pledges from President Obama, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton that Americans who like their plans would get to keep their plans under Obamacare. Among the Senate candidates being targeted: Missouri’s Jason Kander.

Campaign Pro’s Maggie Severns: “Missouri has a disproportionately large number of blue-collar while Trump supporters. and he led Hillary Clinton in both September and October polls by 5-10 percentage points. Down-ballot GOP candidates are expecting to benefit from voters who would usually not be motivated by a conventional Republican nominee coming out to support Trump – though they simultaneously fret over whether moderates might stay home. And to them, the recent sexual assault mostly seems like a media-driven narrative designed to distract from Clinton’s issues.”

UBER RIDE BOOKINGS GROWING SO FAST that it’s nearing $6 billion per quarter jumping 58 percent since January. . .OCT. 22 in 1981: The U.S. National Debt topped a then-shocking $1 trillion. . .That’s our town’s David Clohessy in the current issue of Women’s Health magazine, noting the similarities between clerics who abuse congregants and physicians who abuse patients. . .Congrats to the Green McDonough Band, winner of the 2017 Blues Challenge. The energetic duo will represent our town in a national competition in Memphis next year. The St. Louis Blues Society reports the biggest-ever attendance at the contest. (Last year’s winner, Eugene & Company, headed by vet bassist Eugene Johnson . He also plays with the Ground Floor Band. This year’s runner up was R&B crooner Roland Johnson. . .Local musicians and R&B/soul/blues fans are hoping for a speedy recovery for the recently hospitalized Brock Walker, longtime keyboardist for downtown diva Kim Massie and a regular at Beale on Broadway. . .Cris Naffziger’s “St. Louis Patina” blog has nice, nex pics and short histories of the high-rises on Skinker Boulevard just west of Forest Park, including the Dorchester, the Wiltshire, 801 and 625 south Skinker.

GROWING TREND: FOR $1,500-$3,000, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Emer performs a procedure to males making testicles appear larger and decreases sweating and wrinkles of patients. To do that, he injects botulinum toxin into the scrotum.


As of 10:30 a.m. today, Time Warner’s stock was up 8.7 percent at $90.17
with telecom giant AT&T possibly sealing a deal for the conglomerate as
early as this weekend.


ST. LOUISAN SYED TARIQ AL was arrested this morning on a two-count indictment alleging false statements regarding a federal housing program and bank fraud. Indictment: Ali accepted payments outside of HUD’s lease and granted his tenant an interest in the rental property contrary to the landlord’s certifications. He is also accused of falsifying endorsements on checks intended for needy members of his mosque.

tweets about last night’s presidential debate: “Trump’s foreign policy answers sound like a book report from a teenager who hasn’t read the book. Oh, the grapes! They had so much wrath!”


CAMPUS CAPERS: Oceanographer and UMSL National Geographic explorer-in-residence Sylvia Earle of the Whitney R. Harris Ecology Center became recipient of the Ecology Award at the Monsanto Hall at Missouri Bot.Garden. The late Harris was a prosecutor at the Nuremburg trIals that tried Nazi war criminals. . .”HILLARY CLINTON FOR PRISON” was emblazoned across a sign in the window of WashU frat house Phi Delta Theta. . . SIUE is currently offering Master’s in Pharmaceutical Sciences degrees . .Truffles of Ladue now has outdoor dining four seasons of the year. The Cella family-owned clubby restaurant has become a haven for sassiety cream puffs as well as politicians, who usually toast the master of potables (mixologist). . . Drink up, pals! The presidential debate is hours away and then we’ll learn why Newt Gingrich says that Donald Trump reacts to criticism “almost uncontrollably.



For release in 2017: “Chuck,” Chuck Berry’s first new studio album from Dualtone which he’s dedicated to his wife of 68 years, Themetta Berry.


MONMOUTH POLLING INSTITUTE: Presently, 50 percent of likely voters support Hillary Clinton; 38 percent back Donald Trump – all since her speeches to Wall Street were revealed. . .Meanwhile, here is what the NY Times reports:

MICHAEL MOORE’S new epic, “Michael Moore in TrumpLand” unreels tomorrow in theaters.

AFB, THE KOCH-BACKED GROUP, is digitally targeting voters in MIssouri and other states with a “like your plan” theme attacking Obamacare and skyrocketing costs.

SOLAR SIDEWALKS & ROADS will reportedly be installed at a rest area off Route 66 in Missouri. The heated panels with traction will deter ice and snow. Creator: Scott Brusau in Idaho. He has garnered three FHA grants ($1.6 million),funding from state and local economic development agencies and $2.2 million to develop solar bike paths.

OCTOBER 19 IN HISTORY: 2011, Cardinals won game 1 against the Texas Rangers in the World Series; 1977, Supersonic Concorde first landed in NYC, 1975, “A Chorus LIne” debuted on Broadway for 6,137 performances, 1971, the final issue of Look magazine was published; 1963, Beatles recorded “I Want to Hold Your Hand;” 1939, Herman Goering began his plunder through Nazi-occupied areas; 1879, Thomas A. Edison demonstrated the electric light.


The NY Times editorial page casts aspersions on Cardinal Tim Dolan’s “compensation” program for adults who were raped or molested by pedophile priests. It notes that a “tight deadline” is included, victims must “waive the right to sue,” and asks a troubling question: “How will this program help to prevent future abuses, expose the archdiocesan cover-ups or explain how priests were shielded and survivors silenced?”

LOOK FOR an entirely new website and online make-over for the St. Louis Public Library next month. It will be more user-friendly and feature “improved search capabilities and a more robust calendar.”


Supervalue, Inc. is selling its Earth City-based Save-A-Lot grocery
chain to Canadian-based Onex Corp. for $1.36 billion in cash.


1885, Baseball set all players’ salaries at $1,000-$2,000 for the 1885 season; 1904, Bank of Italy (Bank of America) opened its doors; 1933, Albert Einstein arrived in the U.S. – a refugee from Nazi Germany; 1964, the Yankees fired Yogi Berra; 1967, “Hair” opened on Broadway; 1972, Chuck Berry’s “My Ding-A-Ling” became #1; 1979, Mother Teresa of India won the Nobel Peace Prize; 1989, an earthquake in San Francisco cancelled the third game in the World Series.


“AMERICA’S BEST WINERIES 2017,” chosen by the editors of Food & Wine, has pronounced Stone Hill Winery in Hermann, MO the only Missouri wine producer to make the list. The Jon and Thomas Held-owned winery has "a benchmark Norton and one of the best wines made in the U.S. from native grapes,"reports Food & Wine.

Donald Trump-branded developments in Toronto and Ft. Lauderdale are among the projects that have caused investors to lose millions of dollars with Trump walking away without any liability. Trump-in-name-only allowed investors to sue but were unable to recoup their losses. Meanwhile, Trump still garners revenue from management of the structures even though some are not yet built.

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